Our Mission

Embrace Your Cape Enterprises is an artist-driven media production company based in Los Angeles focused on sharing transformational stories in a unique way that changes how we see the world and connect with humanity.

Our mission is to help cultivate the future of entertainment. There is a better way and we are thrilled to be a part of it. 

Media Production

Embrace Your Cape is about transformational storytelling – narratives and original content that take us on a journey and leave us changed at the end, viewing life and our world in a different way. We believe in intersectional diversity and taking risks. Developing and producing projects that embrace all that we are.

Platform Innovation

To develop a digital platform to host the work of transformational speakers and storytellers who can connect with people worldwide to have a life-changing impact.

Think Ted Talk – for the soul.


We seek to bring men and women together to create programs aimed at healing young victims of abuse. For so many, the process of recovery from abuse does not begin until later in adult life — when trauma has had many years to grow its subconscious roots and have a negative, lasting impact. Our mission is to begin the conversation with young people — from kindergarten to college — preventing the cycle of abuse from perpetuating and empowering them to lead healthy thriving lives.

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