About Embrace Your Cape Non Profit


The mission of Embrace Your Cape Nonprofit is to bring women and men together united with the common goal of raising awareness, offering healing, education and inspiring transformation to all survivors of sexual assault in need. Our dream is that every survivor of sexual assault can come out of hiding and set their stories free, reclaim their sexuality and step into their power by fully embracing who and what they are and channeling the superhero within so they not only survive but THRIVE. We believe that even Superheroes work best in Teams, especially to achieve Big Dreams! 



We envision a world where both men and women work together to embrace sex positivity and work together to end sexual violence. Only together can we end this vicious cycle forever.



Sex Positivity
Self Love
Living Out Loud
Owning Your Story
Stepping Into Your Power
Embracing Your Cape

“I truly believe that if everyone embraced their capes, the world would be a far better place. Imagine accepting who and what we are, and living to our full potential everyday. How powerful would that be? Embrace Your Cape Non Profit exists to see the world change one person, one group…one superhero at a time.”

– Kimleigh Smith